This is the website of professional photojournalist and documentary cinematographer Costas Lakafossis, based in Athens, Greece.

Costas Lakafossis was born in Athens, where he still lives.DCIM100GOPRO
He holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Patras.
His early career (Technical Press S.A.: 4Wheels, Flight, Science and Technology magazines) was focused on technical matters (automotive, flight, defence and popular science).
In the last few years, he has broadened his horizons to include many diverse fields of photojournalism. Using his technical skills and training, he is always ready to climb, swim, ride or fly  in order to shoot from an original viewpoint or make a hard-to-get picture (always observing safety measures and with a clean safety record so far). He also shoots documentary-style video with a personal style based on “first-person-view” of the action using small and rugged cameras to create unique footage that complements material shot with “proper” cameras and using conventional cinematography techniques.

In his editorial work, he really hates labels. He has never been “left wing” or “right wing”, and considers the term “politically correct” an insult. One day he might be shooting a story about the homeless or the african refugees in Athens and the next day he might be following the training of an elite Special Forces team, without any consideration of possible interpretations of these diverse choices. His work is about documenting everything and anything, at the same time staying away from “political activism” of any kind.

His cinematography experience has recently led him to shoot commercial work, samples here.

His first camera was a Zenit 12XP (at the age of 16).
He learned to shoot slides (Velvia 50) with a Nikon F3+MD4.
His favourite camera is the Canon EOS-1 series (all versions).
He likes small film cameras like the Ricoh GR1s, the Olympus XA and the Minox GT35.

He is a (retired) racing and rally driver, an amateur enduro motorcycle rider, an occasional mountain bike racer, an active competitor in bullseye pistol shooting and a mediocre radio control helicopter pilot. For the time being, his tokui-waza is o-goshi.

CONTACT DETAILS (please click):

CL Visuals, his commercial website: http://www.alfa-omega.gr/clvisuals/

Troktiko documentary -a personal project














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