Hellinikon Old Airport

Old airports, abandoned buildings, such a cliché, I know. But I couldn’t resist, here is my take of the Hellinikon Airport in Athens as I saw it in December 2015. I have been shooting commercial assignments for too long and it was a relaxing break, just shooting for no reason at all.


Blackmagic 4K camera test and first job

A new Blackmagic 4K camera arrived a short time ago at http://www.rentphotovideo.gr, and I got the opportunity to test and then actually use it for a commercial job on the next day.
I was planning to use the Blackmagic Pocket camera for this, but when the Pocket turned out to be unavailable, I had no choice but to use the 4K instead. I am glad I did, because I had an easier time, mostly due to the larger sensor that makes lens choice easier. Read the rest of this entry

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera test and first job

A few days ago I shot a commercial job with the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – here are a few notes from the experience.


First of all, I understand that it was a risk shooting an actual commercial job with only minimal testing before (the camera had only arrived a few days ago at http://www.rentphotovideo.gr and I only had it for 24 hours to do some quick tests). For a more complicated shoot, I would probably Read the rest of this entry

Redrock M2 Encore 35mm adapter on Canon XF 105

After shooting two commercial jobs recently (sample footage above) with the Redrock M2 Encore 35mm adapter on the Canon XF 105, here are my first impressions: Read the rest of this entry

Canon C300 Cinema log test

This is a test I shot with the Canon C300 recently, in order to evaluate the Cinema log gamma.
I used the Cinema locked mode in comparison to my usual shooting mode (Cine2 gamma, Normal4 color matrix, Sharpening -2) and shot an extremely contrasty scene (relatively dark room and bright highlights outside).
I used ISO850 and set the exposure with the help of the built-in waveform monitor.

Please choose 1080p resolution to see the results, the difference is more than obvious, even with compressed youtube footage.
The final grading is not exact, (and obviously it is not meant to match the two shooting modes), it is only to explore the possibilities that the original footage gives.

Lens: Canon 24/1.4, colour grading in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Athens Classic Marathon 2012

Protests and riots in Athens, Nov 7, 2012

Protests in Athens, Chancellor Merkel visit Oct. 2012

Protests in Athens, September 2012

more photos here:

Hellenic Olympic Team videos

(all interviews for http://www.tovima.gr)


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